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Ask any pokie player the question of why they like playing and the most common answer is, the games are fun. The only negative feed back is that the machines do not pay-out as well as they used to. I first started playing the pokies in 1994. It was not unusual for $50 to last hours. However dropping $50 at a pokies venue these days and you’re lucky to make it last 15 min. OK so what’s changed! Pokies run on a pre-programmed micro chip. Instead of changing this chip, venue operators change the pokie machine return percentage. Victorian Gaming authorites require pokies to return a minimum pay-out of 87%. That’s a 13% house edge. Based on my own extensive pokie games play, I’ve formed the opinion that online aussie pokies have much higher return percentages. At a guess to about a 95% return. I can base this on a number of audit returns I have seen where the online pokies are operating at much more pleasant margins for the pokie player! Make no mistake, 95% does not mean a 95% chance of winning, it means that if you bet $1 a hundred times, the odds are that you will win $95. Remember that, it means you will lose $5! However, with the percentage online being that much higher, you are now looking at playing your stake for a lot longer. That means more spins, that means more chances to actually hit a big payout. Are you starting to feel the love for online pokie machines?

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Aussie style pokie machines

I haven’t seriously played at a pokie venue since 2003. Although these pokies are a game of chance, it’s hard to shake that feeling that you don’t stand a chance of winning; a feeling like your being cheated. After seeing a few online pokie machines I gave the online pokies a go. It’s not like I could lose any worse that I was when playing at a pokie venue. It was like to old days, $50 lasted me ages and I won too.

$16,000AUD is my best win from a measely $20 deposit. Try winning that at your local pokie venue.

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Free Online Pokies

Our online pokie games are always free to play. Best of all we’re open 24/7. These are powered by flash and are exactly the same games that I play online. Except our pokies don’t cost a cent to play. We offer endless Free Online Pokies

Yes we’ve got more real pokies than you can poke a stick at. To play our free pokies you’ll Need IE. They can be played on a 56K modem but faster is better. So turn your speakers up and just play.

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