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Pokies and a Keno game, fun for ALL!

Pokies and Keno, new to All Slots Online Casino Frozen Diamonds Pokies

Pokies are a fun way to pass the time or even take an afternoon or evening off and have alone time. Online Pokies is also very safe and friendly, there are chats to join and lots of new people to meet and help you with rules and advice.

Online Pokies – Frozen Diamonds

Frozen Diamonds is not like your ordinary Pokies machine, this pokies takes you way back showing what a real online pokie machine is. Nothing spins and there are no reels. In Frozen Diamonds there are only ice cubes that fall form the sky forming the reels, 5 cubes wide and 3 cubes high, is what you see with diamonds inside (Frozen Diamonds). There are frozen rubies, emeralds, sapphires and lots more. Despite it not being a normal pokie machine it is a real one and just as fun as any other pokie machine.

Online Pokie – Karaoke Party

Karaoke Party Pokies

All Slots Casino is being back the funk, and fun nights of being out and about and especially LOUD! Join now to enjoy an awesome Karaoke slot machine. Your choices are doing, a male or female solo, or male or female trio or even a mixed duo. They have the options and the hip disco music to go with it. PLUS wild symbols, Scatter symbols and Multipliers. Don’t miss out on all the fun have a go at the Karaoke Online Pokie Machine today!

Monkey Keno

For those that prefer keno over pokies well there is this amazing third option of playing Monkey Keno! Trust a Monkey of course he waMonkey keno nted to play as well. The monkey is the one who will be throwing coconuts at the keno board to pick all the lucky numbers. You can win up to 10, 000 times your bet if you pick the right numbers and you play the game with a Monkey!

Monkey see, Monkey do right?

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