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Moonshine Pokie Machine

Moonshine – Funfilled Pokie with some wicked payouts!

Moonshine is synonymous with Hillbillies which is a stereotype name given to folks that live a rather different life. Hillbillies are found mainly in the Appalachian Mountains and live as they wish, and do as they wish. Hillbillies are generally considered independent and self-reliant individuals who resist the modernization of society.

The Moonshine pokie tells the story of one such family. These Hillbillies go about their daily chores of making Moonshine which is known to be a pretty potent brew. As Moonshine is illegal, these folk are on high guard to make sure that they keep under the radar and not get caught.

This is honestly a very entertaining pokie with fun graphics. You’ll find the pipe smoking Redhead, banjo strumming Blonde, The Big Strong Man and the Pink Pig. Additionally you will find some rather strange looking food symbols. Best of all is of course is the gun toting Granny in her Rocker who is wild in more ways than one. She will be shooting you to some good winning combinations. Additionally, 3 or more scattered Policeman will also add to the coffers.

To round off this somewhat unusual household of Hillbillies with their Moonshine, any 3 or more Full Moonshine bottles will award you with up to 18 free spins. This is where your rewards could be multiplied by up to 4 times a winning combination! I would say with certainty that you must give this pokie a try. You are here to be entertained and this is just the ticket.

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