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Secret Admirer Pokie Machine

Why play Secret Admirer? What makes it a special pokie?

This is a tough pokie to play. I only ever take it on when I have a decent balance to play with! Why play it if it is so tough then? Let’s see.

  • The payout when you hit one of the main pay symbols is simply excellent. Those wild masks are awesome! I have an affinity with the Roses myself. I hit them more than a few times.
  • It’s the diamonds though that capture the imagination. Get two of the diamonds and the free spins start with your two diamond reels holding firm. Three free spins, guaranteed payment for those two diamonds…
  • Now the fun part. Every time an additional reel lands a diamond, the free spins start again with a bigger payout.
  • These free spins repeat until you either have the five diamonds or you don’t get any more diamonds.
  • The payments are awesome. The excitement, well it is simply infectuous.

Of course, it is a romantic theme and ideal for the ladies to play. The guys can play the Good to Go pokie machine (same software pack) which has the same features but is themed around race cars!

Have some fun with the free pokie but remember, if you love it, click the play for real button and go for it. Just remember, winning is not easy for the most part. Online casinos are not known for simply giving their money away!

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