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Loaded 25 Payline Pokie

Loaded, 25 playline pokie where you control the free spins!

When Loaded was released I recall thinking that this was going to cause a stir. I mean, surely this was typecasting of the first degree? I never in my wildest dreams saw the popularity of this pokie being anything more than marginal. That of course was before I played it and got hooked.

I don’t go in with thousands of dollars so I prefer to not put the max money down. I do however ALWAYS play maximum number of coins across the maximum number of paylines. You can choose from 1 cent per payline up to 25 cents per payline. 25 Paylines and 20 coins per payline? Max bet is 125 dollars… Me, I prefer 2 cents with a max bet of 10 dollars…

What I am hoping for is the free spins feature. Yes, you can hit great payouts during normal play, especially if you can land 5 of the fancy guys in the white suits. But, hit the free spins and you can choose from 12 spins with a 4 times multiplier, 16 spins with a 3 times multiplier, or 24 spins with a 2 times multiplier. I allow the trend of the pokie to guide me. If it has been paying regularly, I go greedy with the few spins and high multiplier, if it has been somewhat slow, I go for more spins with a lower multiplier. Free spins can retrigger!!!

Not much more to be said really. I added this pokie because it forced its way into my fingers which press those play buttons! If I like it, I hope you will as well.

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