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Gambling conjointly with AI

Gambling conjointly with AI

Gambling conjointly with AI has been part and parcel of each other for many years., in fact AI and game playing was cemented more than 20 years ago when IBM’s Deep Blue computer defeated renowned chess master Garry Kasparov 3.5 – 2.5 in a six-game match.

AI in the gambling arena so far was perhaps best showcased in January 2017, with Carnegie Mellon’s Libratus AI winning thousands of poker hands over top-rated players in Heads-Up No-Limit Hold ‘em. But this is only the beginning of AI’s influence on gambling and the way casinos operate.

It goes without saying that landbased Casinos have over all the years been analysing player patterns and behaviour and done many an exercise moving particular Slot machines from one area to another – adding more of a certain type and even colour of slot into areas that are more popular than other areas within Casino and it is by using data collection methods like player’s club cards and loyalty programs casinos are able to put together an understanding why players chose specific games, stop playing, or switch games.

Gathering and sifting through all this data produces benefits for both casinos and players. Gambling operators use the data to deploy resources, retain players and maximize profits while players enjoy personally tailored gaming experiences and generous promotional offers.

These valuable insights combined with AI allow for an even more heightened user experience. As an online gambler, you can step virtually into a casino built just for you! The system knows your favourite games, and they’re accessible with a single click when you log in.

AI is also set to improve customer service. The Non-Human agents that one deals with at the moment is most frustrating and certainly take the word “service” out of service are going to be replaced by a new breed of intelligent concierge which there is no doubt will be most welcome.

Gambling addictions have always been a problem in spite of all Casinos both Landbased and Online have done their level best to combat, but it is unfortunate that there are still some members of the public that fall through the cracks. /p>

Thanks to AI, early detection and prevention are possible. By analysing player data for problematic behaviour, AI can flag individuals with concerning patterns and notify online casino operators. The identified account can be suspended while the player is offered help before he or she spirals out of control into gambling addiction.

One of the most talked about problems that arise from any type of gambling is Fraud and Theft – Just as players need to be offered protection and be informed about gambling addiction, online casinos need to be protected against from unscrupulous players – Call on AI here once again and the level of trust increases as players and Gaming Houses feel less threatened.

Gambling conjointly with AI

Gambling conjointly with AI