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Aussie Pokies Pay Back Return Percentages

There seems to be a misconception among some people that think because a pokie machine has say a 78% pay back return that it will return 78 cents for every dollar put through the pokie. Well that’s just not right. The pay back percentage return on an aussie pokie is derived from two sets of data.

The data used to work out the percentage return of a pokie machine is as follows:

The total amount of cash put through a pokie as apposed to the amount of cash paid out. When I speak of total amounts I mean everything that is won, played, lost or money placed into each pokie machine.

To determine a pay-back percentage for an aussie pokie over a 24 hour period would deliver a false figure. So pokies normally have their pay-back percentages evaluated over a longer period of time. In so far as online pokies their pay-back return percentages are audited on a monthly basis. Least in the case of trustworthy online casino venues.

For now I thought it best to give a simple explanation of how an aussie pokie has its pay-back percentage figured out. I’ll leave this by saying that just because a pokie machine may have an X% payout return, this does not mean that for each dollar placed through that pokie the play will receive X amount of dollars returned.