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Gambling and Technology

Gambling and Technology

Gambling and Technology go together – Online gaming in general has escalated to great heights and shows no stopping in the grown at this moment in time – Will it slow down? Who know, but it is unlikely.

There is so much new Technology going on in and around the world that there is absolutely no way things will remain static with all the innovations out there.

Where could one possibly start when discussing what is going on in this world of “Internet”. For starters eSpots has been a driving force in innovation and they are looking at this reaching some 1.5 Billion by the year 2020 in growth.

Gambling on eSpots can be lucrative as Bookmakers are far less sophisticated in eSports so mispriced matches are more likely. In traditional sports, if you’re winning then you’re likely to see limits on your account, but in eSports your account remains open for further betting.

Mobile Gaming was at an all time high last year with 4 million adults gambling which is almost double from two years previously. Traditional gambling companies and innovative technology start ups know the market is exploding and they’re in an arms race to create the most immersive gambling experiences through mobile.

VR is improving all the time and is going to be big business in the online gambling world over the next few years. One argument against online gambling is that you don’t get the real casino experience, but then once again with Technology this section will improve to a point where it will not make any difference to the player as it will be made more real as time goes.

Players are becoming more interested in making money based on their level of skill and this is unsurprising considering the popularity of poker and betting on sports. Games in casinos, on mobile and online are set to increase in popularity – in part driven by traditional gaming companies and partly by the providers offering players new options.

2018 will see a growth in online gambling and more players in the market. These trends should all be good for the player as vendors fight ruthlessly for their attention and more importantly, money. There will be some winners and many losers as there is even as we speak – that part will never change.