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Australia in-play betting ban

Betting Ban in Australia in-play betting is set to remain until the federal elections

Betting in-play

The Australian government is set to extend the in-play betting on live sports ban, until the next federal election. It has been said that punters in the country (Australians) are wishing to place bets in-play on live sports events, but they will have the option of betting illegally with offshore operators until the election is over and this election could only take place in January 2017.

The in-play betting will remain a subject of major debate in the country, with the licensed operators pushing for the government to legalise these activities. Others have called for this ban to stay in place.

A blanket ban on all in-play sports betting has been introduced by the government last month by Peter McGuaaran who is the chief executive of Racing Australia.

The licensed operators are pushing for the in-play betting to be legalised by the government. It has become a major debate. Especially with other parties and organisations that have called for the current ban to remain in place.

Last month a Blanket ban was asked to be introduced, Peter McGuaran the chief executive of Racing Australia, asked the government to introduce it on all in-play sports betting. However all major brands like Ladbrokes, William Hills, Sportsbet have all in support spoken out of a regulated in-play betting system for their companies.

Reports that the ban is likely to remain come after the conclusion of a government-commissioned investigation into replacing the current Interactive Gambling Act 2001.

It was told that there is no evidence to support a supposed link between in-play betting and the manipulation of sporting events. This was boldly said by Major gambling operators, sporting bodies and integrity groups.

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