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Winning at the Pokies

If you must play at an aussie pokie venue then you need to maximise your winning chances. To do this there are a few simple pointers that will probably increase your chances of winning at the pokies.Don’t keep feeding a pokie game in the hope it will start to run hot. If it’s cold then it will probably stay cold. If you you bet $1 a spin don’t drop any more than $20 – $30 through a pokie machine if it is not paying. Also don’t get suckered by lots of small wins either.

Depending on your normal bet size, drop $20 through the pokie and then either drop your bet or raise your bet and spend $10, then return to your normal betting. Keep following this method. If after 5 cycles the pokie machine goes cold move to another machine.
However the best way to really increase you pokies pay-outs is to use the gamble feature. I’d only use this option on smaller wins say $20 or less. You maybe feel comfortable with a less amount of a higher amount. That call is up to you.When using the gamble feature of an aussie pokies machine keep in mind that the gamble goes in sequences, it’s not as random as you may believe. Once you figure out the sequence you can generally win about 70% to 80% of the gamble wins you activate.

Lastly if you have a decent win or on the other hand have a shocker and end up winning back your loses of the day, do not be moron and pump it all back into the pokie machine. Collect your winnings and go home.